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Darbar Catering Services

Indian Food Reviews

Read up on the Darbar Catering Services and their Indian food reviews from past events in the NYC area. From fundraising galas and formal weddings to Indian weddings full of traditional Indian dishes, Darbar Catering Services has catered food in the NYC area for every type of catered event in between. Birthday catering, graduation catering and even casual party platters for corporate lunches have been handled with the best catering care.

Past Events – Indian Catering

Our past events include catering menus for weddings, catering menus for graduation parties, catering menus for birthday parties and catering menus for corporate catering events. From the best in Indian catering to modern catering trends, Darbar Catering Services in NYC offers it all.

Indian Buffet

Our Indian buffet in NYC is very popular with great reviews and recommendations from past events. With our mix of Indian dishes and metropolitan cuisine, we create a catering menu with an Indian buffet that is better than fusion. Trust Darbar Catering Services in Midtown for your next Indian buffet event.

Indian Food Caterers

As Indian food caterers, Darbar Catering Service in NYC has a reputation of over 25 years for making the best Indian dishes and perfecting the best Indian food recipes for each catered event in NYC. Indian food caterers are also experts at finding the best vendors for fresh ingredients, which are a basic requirement for any delicious Indian dishes to be cooked right. We believe that is at the heart of Darbar Catering Services – fresh ingredients and spices!

Best Indian Food Recipes

Darbar Catering Services in Midtown NYC offer the best Indian food recipes at the most affordable catering prices in New York City. With great Indian dishes and a mix of catering favorites, like crab cakes, Darbar Catering Services is more than just Indian catering. It is fine cuisine for your next catered event.