Joyce C

My boyfriend made reservations for us here to celebrate our 2 & a half year anniversary. It was a Saturday night and we were seated on the ground floor (didn’t realize there was a higher level). You definitely get the feel that this isn’t a typical casual restaurant spot– but at the same time the feel is not so elevated in ambiance that it’s intimidating to visit. The staff were attentive and knowledgeable about the menu, and frequently checked in on us to ask us how the food was and how we were doing. Lots of water refills, which is perfect for this flavorful meal! We were also excited to try some Indian beers that came in beautiful looking bottles.

My bf and I decided to go with the prefixe dinner for $38 each, which includes a soup, appetizer, entree, and dessert. Each dish was perfectly portioned with the exception of the entree– that entree filled me up! The pacing of the meal was great as well. It really allowed us to take our time with each dish to chat / share / enjoy to the fullest. Below are some highlights:

Reshmi Kebab: Oh my. That chicken was literally… divine. I LOVED it. My boyfriend originally ordered it but I kept stealing small bites from his plate… The chicken was just so soft and tender, perfectly seasoned, and not dry at all. I could literally eat a whole plate of it were it not just an appetizer. Definitely got me excited for the rest of the meal!!

Behl Puri: At first i was intimidated by how it looked (I honestly ordered it without really knowing what it was, and from the looks of it I still couldn’t figure out what it was) but as soon as i took my first bite I fell in love. Refreshing and flavorful, I was delighted by its crunchiness! I guess I could try to equate this to a salad, but calling it a salad doesn’t do it justice. Such a fun and delicious appetizer!

Lamb Rogan Josh: Also cooked to perfection. Tender and filling, the sauce was a perfect dip for my naan. I found myself, near the end of the meal as my belly was starting to bulge, forcing myself to at least finish the lamb… i just couldn’t let it go to waste!

Both of the desserts & soups were delicious as well, I especially liked the Mango Mousse cake. It was a great, cool & sweet ending to a memorable meal! I would definitely visit again.

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