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Best Indian Dishes in New York City

Consider Darbar Catering Services in NYC for catering menus with the best Indian dishes in Midtown Manhattan for any catered event. We do it all, appetizers, cocktail hours, party platters, luncheons, galas, Indian buffet, Indian menu for dinner and all parties.

Catering Menus in NYC Serving

Indian Buffet

An Indian buffet is the best solution for any catered event, even formal wedding catering and corporate catering, such as fundraising galas and networking events. Darbar Catering Services in NYC offers a great selection of Indian dishes and modern food trends to satisfy all your guests. A buffet offers selection and the best Indian food at an affordable catering price, too!

The best Indian food recipes

The best Indian food recipes are delicious, carefully spicy and full of fresh ingredients, which is very important for dining customers in New York City. Many Indian dishes have meats and chicken, but a large selection of Indian catering is vegetarian and vegan, which is ideal for events that need vegetarian catering and traditional catering, too.


Our vegetarian catering service offers a full vegetarian catering menu with healthy catering menu options and healthy catering ideas to make your event special. We cater to all of today’s fine-dining trends. Our corporate catering service menus provide a wide range of vegetarian platters, Indian party appetizers and Indian dinner party menu entrees to accommodate all of your professional relationships with the best party foods.

Vegetarian and Meat

mix grill
Our vegetarian and meat catering service menus offer options for food catering with a buffet setup. Indian catering food menus include traditional Indian recipes and a mix of modern classics, like crab cakes. If you have meat lovers and vegetarians to please, we have the right party foods menu for you! Ask about our lamb options for some unique treats to make your catering menu extra special for your next party or event.

Vegetarian and Seafood

Chicken Tikka
Many vegetarians enjoy seafood options and now you can accommodate diverse dining experiences at your next event with our vegetarian and seafood menus. Indian party appetizers can be vegetarian and/or seafood. Just let us know! Whether you want to pair gourmet crab cakes with unique Indian curry or korma dishes, we can guide you to create the best catering menu possible for party foods.

Continental Mix

At Darbar Catering Services, we focus on pleasing your guests and impressing them with a delicious menu of Indian food and continental food ideas, too. Many of our customers love the Indian party appetizers as a way to liven up a continental food catering menu. Whether you want a buffet menu or gourmet dinner menu, Darbar can accommodate your requests to make the food at your next event unforgettable.


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Pick everything on our menu or just a few key items to “wow” your guests. Darbar Catering Services will provide a custom menu for platters, buffet menus and gourmet dining. You can choose an Indian dinner party menu or suggest something completely new and completely you. We are here to accommodate your food catering orders and give you the best party foods.