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Darbar Catering Services

At Darbar Catering, we take pride in our Indian Catering for all events.

Indian Catering

At Darbar Catering, we take pride in our Indian Catering for all events, including the best in Indian recipes and vegetarian catering, too. As a NYC catering company, located in Midtown, Darbar Catering Services offers Indian catering with the luxury of modern gourmet catering classics for all events.

Indian Catering Chef

Our Chef John Dass comes from a family of Indian chefs and attended one of the most prestigious culinary schools in India. He later studied under India’s Master Chef, Farman Ali, at the internationally renowned Hotel Hyatt Regency. He is the 2000 winner of Australian Chef Mark Sainsbury’s “Chef of the Year” award. Chef Dass has worked with Celebrity Chef, Hemant Mathur, too. Before coming to Darbar Grill in Midtown Manhattan, Chef John Dass worked at DEVI. He is currently the Executive Chef at Darbar Grill in NYC.

Catering Company

Darbar Catering has been a catering company for over 25 years in the NYC area. With several restaurants and venues, Darbar Catering Services has satisfied customers with delicious catering menus in NYC, professional event planning, Indian cuisine and amazing service as a catering company. If it’s a corporate luncheon, birthday party or wedding, Darbar Catering is the best catering company for you in the NYC area.

Indian Catering Restaurants

Darbar Catering takes pride in its Indian Catering Restaurants, Darbar NY and Darbar Grill. In affiliation with these and other NYC venues, catering events are organized with the most efficient event planning resources. Whether you need an on-site or off-site catering event menu, Darbar Catering can provide all that you need for a successful event.

Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine has risen in popularity, especially in big cities, like New York City and NYC areas. Indian food is healthy and delicious with a large menu of meat and vegetarian options. Darbar Catering Services takes pride in offering the taste of India as a food catering company in NYC.

Vegetarian Catering

Vegetarian Catering has come a long way from stereotypes of meatless dishes. Indian food is a great example of how delicious and flavorful vegetarian catering can really be and Darbar Catering Services in NYC offers a unique opportunity in NYC to offer vegetarian catering for your guests by catering delicious Indian recipes. With a combination of vegetables and savory choices, food catering in NYC has never been more exciting than with the vegetarian food catering menu of Darbar Catering Services in Midtown.

Catering Staff in NYC

Darbar Catering has a dedicated catering staff in NYC with a kitchen staff of chefs, waitstaff, event planners and venues. As a catering company in NYC, Darbar Catering Services provides Indian food catering in Midtown for your events in the entire NYC and NJ area. Our delicious Indian food catering stands out among other catering companies and NY caterers. We are here to give you over 25 years of experience bringing people together with great food.

Indian Recipes

If you’ve ever wondered what makes Indian food so amazing, it is the unique Indian recipes that go into all Indian food and Indian cuisine favorites. Think of the careful preparation behind selecting fresh ingredients, like spices and vegetables to make flavorful broths and sauces to accompany carefully cooked meats and vegetables or rice. Indian food is an art and Darbar Catering Services believes that you will delight your guests with the colorful and delicious traditions of Indian food catering.