Choose Darbar to Customize your Wedding Menu Featuring Indian Food Favorites

Once you’ve made the decision to get married, the fun part begins: planning your wedding reception. Many brides and grooms look for ways in which they can be different from all the rest. You can get really creative and unique with Indian wedding food. That’s where Darbar Catering Services comes in. Our professionals take the burden off your shoulders and take care of every detail, from planning the wedding menu to setting it all up and cleaning up afterwards. Our experienced catering company in NYC gives you the best in Indian cuisine. We know how stressful weddings can be, so let us deal with all the details so you can relax and have fun. We provide you with delicious Indian food choices so that you can avoid serving the same old boring rubber chicken at your wedding!

Top-Notch Wedding Catering at Your Service

If you love Indian cuisine, have a wedding coming up and don’t want to fuss with the details of the wedding menu, you’re in luck. Darbar Catering Services is the one to choose when you want experienced, qualified caterers in charge of your wedding food. This is an important component of any wedding. Food brings people together and unites them in a purpose. Wedding food within the Indian culture in particular is especially important. According to Shaadi Times, an Indian wedding is much more than a special event: it is one that spans many days in traditional India where food and ceremonies are celebrated. As such, we carry on that tradition at Darbar and make sure the food is perfect and everyone is having a great time to celebrate your union. We have been in this business many years and have the qualifications to plan a seamless wedding menu.

Exceptional Indian Wedding Food

Rely on Darbar Catering Services to meet your every need when it comes to the wedding reception menu at custom wedding venues. We handle everything from buffet options to full service on the day of your event. We have many menus to choose from, such as:

  • Vegetarian Meat: full range of vegetable dishes, along with goat and chicken for the meat lovers.
  • Vegetarian Seafood: Fish Curry, Fish Tikka and Shrimp, plus full vegetable options.
  • Vegetarian: includes Samosa, Pakora or Aloo tikka at the center of your menu.
  • Continental Mix: Includes continental favorites ranging from salads and breads to desserts and appetizers. All your favorite familiar foods are included so everyone’s happy.
  • Custom Menu: we can create your very own menu depending on your personal style and taste.

With more than 25 years of experience in this business, you can count on Darbar to make your once-in-a-lifetime event a special one. Your guests will leave happy and full with exceptional Indian food. We work with all budgets, so give us a call now to start planning at 646-919-8989.