Vegetarian Party Caterers Serving Healthy Party Food at NYC Parties

As part of our party catering, we offer an extensive catering menu for all events in NYC. Whether you’re having a wedding, casual lunch, birthday or corporate dinner, party catering from Darbar Catering Services is the best way to enjoy Indian food and contemporary dining in Midtown Manhattan. We take care of the entire experience, from set-up to food service to clean-up within both Darbar NY and Darbar Grill. Vegetarians who are looking for restaurants in NYC that serve up tasty vegetable food will find affordable, modern yet trendy catering services through us. We meet and exceed all├é┬ávegetarian diets with choices that make us your number one vegetarian caterers.

Healthy Food Caterers at Your Service

With a full range of catering menus sure to meet your every need, you will find that Darbar Catering Services is focused on offering you the widest range of vegetarian favorites. Here are some of our vegetarian packages for healthy party food options:

  • Vegetarian Meat: full range of vegetable dishes, along with goat and chicken for guests
    that prefer to eat meat.
  • Vegetarian Seafood: Fish Curry, Fish Tikki and Shrimp, plus full vegetable options.
  • Vegetarian: includes Samosa, Pakora or Aloo tikki, along with other veggie favorites.
  • Custom Menu: Let us customize your menu to include only what you want.

Healthy Party Food by Darbar

Vegetarian lifestyles are punctuated by food choices that are vegetable-based rather than meat-based, although some vegetarians eat fish and chicken to augment their diets. Vegetarian Indian diets often contain lots of turmeric, which is an earthy-flavored spice with strong anti-inflammatory effects for better digestive health, according to the Vegetarian Times. If you’re hosting a party — any kind of party — rely on Darbar Catering Services to craft a beautiful, scrumptious party platter full of your favorite Indian vegetable dishes. We can custom make a party platter to order, especially if you have guests with discriminating tastes. Best part is, we accommodate mixed party catering menus and always look out for any special diets or allergy requests that you may have. When you contact us, we can discuss our custom party platters and provide you with the most affordable party catering options in the NYC area. When you take a look at some of our main restaurant dining options, you’ll get a good idea of what we can provide:

  • Eggplant Korma: Eggplant cubes in a sweet, creamy sauce
  • Chana Saag: Spinach puree with peas
  • Dal Makhani: Lentils in tomatoes
  • Dal Fry: Yellow lentils slow cooked with tomatoes, ginger, onions and cumin
  • Matter Paneer: Homemade cubes of cottage cheese with peas
  • Dum Aloo: Potatoes and a tasty sauce made from ginger, garlic and onion

To find out how we can accommodate your party, call Darbar Catering Services at 646-919-8989 to tell us what you want included in your party platter. We’ll deliver it, or you can host your own party on site at our restaurants.