Wedding Planners use NYC Indian Wedding Caterers for Custom Menus

Got a wedding coming? You and your fiancee will likely hire a wedding planner to coordinate your wedding from start to finish. It’s the job of a wedding planner to make sure all elements of a wedding come together successfully. A big part of that is the food. For fine Indian cuisine that is sure to tickle the taste buds of all your guests, Darbar Catering Services is your number one choice. With us, you have options. You can come to us and host your wedding on site in one of our two Darbar locations in Midtown NYC, or we can come to you and provide custom catering for your event from cocktail hours to main courses. You’ll enjoy delicious appetizers, dinners that range from vegetarian to meat options, and even Indian buffets for the ultimate in choice.

Superior Catering with Custom Menu Options

Darbar wedding caterers are here to meet all your needs. Let us take care of every detail, from setting up the wedding menu to cleaning up after the event. Our experienced catering company in NYC is happy to make your wedding special with delectable Indian cuisine. Don’t settle for the traditional wedding food choices that everyone does: chicken or beef with baked potato. Boring! Instead, let us give your guests many choices with a wide range of Indian favorites. When you’re on the lookout for experienced, qualified caterers, Darbar Catering Services is your number one choice. Food is one of the most important elements of an Indian wedding, particularly the main course. This is traditionally comprised of several vegetable and meat dishes, along with bread, for the grandest showcase of the entire wedding, says Cultural India. Put Darbar in charge of making sure all the food is perfect and everyone is having a great time. We plan custom wedding menus all the time, so we know exactly what it takes.

Rely on Indian Wedding Caterers for a Top-Notch Experience

Our custom wedding menus can’t be beat. We truly have something for everyone! Whether you want a buffet or full service on the day of your wedding, we can accommodate your wishes. Here are our menus:

  • Vegetarian Meat: full range of vegetable dishes, as well as goat and chicken for those who love meat.
  • Vegetarian Seafood: Fish Curry, Fish Tikki and Shrimp, in addition to vegetable options.
  • Vegetarian: includes Samosa, Pakora or Aloo tikki
  • Continental Mix: Includes continental favorites ranging from salads and breads to desserts and appetizers. Everyone’s favorites in one package!
  • Custom Menu: You can develop your own menu and let us know exactly what you want included.

We are happy to say we have more than 25 years experience in this business, so you know you can trust Darbar Catering Services to make your once-in-a-lifetime wedding a special one. Make your guests happy with exceptional Indian cuisine and attentive service. Call Darbar Catering Services now to book your event at 646-919-8989 or request a quote on our web page.